How do you know when it’s time to move on from your job?

Hi readers,

Please click the link below to access my new blog post and my brand new rebranded website:

How do you know when it’s time to move on from your job?

Much love,

Janet ☺





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Wow, I signpost everyone to my new website and…

Hi guys,

Check out my latest post on the new Rambles, Rants and Writings blog/website by clicking the link below:

Wow, I signpost everyone to my new website and…

RRW Blog Badge Rebrand

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#AnythingGoes Linky week 58!

Dear readers,

If you link-up with me regularly, you will be aware that it’s an exciting time for RRW, as we are having a re-brand and relocation and that launches today!

This means I’m moving my blog to my website and unfortunately, WordPress is incompatible with my host!

Click here to arrive at my new blog page and link-up to #AnythingGoes!

Don’t forget to subscribe to the blog to ensure you don’t miss out!


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Craft Ideas: Tortoise (Aesop Fables: The Hare and the Tortoise)

Dear readers,

Reading a classic story like The Hare and The Tortoise are excellent ways to amuse your children.  If you can read a story and then make something in the essence of the story you’ve read, that’s even better!

Image of Hare


So to make your tortoise you need: 

A paper plate

A paper bowl

Green and Black poster paintanimals-1298747_640

Pritt-stick glue

Green Cardboard

Googly eyes

A Black marker pen/felt tip pen

  1. Paint the paper plate black and the bowl green.
  2. Once they are both dry, turn the plate face down and the bowl face down.
  3. Take the green cardboard and cut out a tortoise shaped head, two small legs, and two longer legs, and a hexagon shape.
  4. Glue them to the black plate in the right position.  (Head at top – legs at side etc…)
  5. Glue the bowl to the plate too: the head and legs should be sandwiched in-between the plate and bowl.
  6. Glue the googly eyes to the tortoise head.
  7. Use the marker pen to draw a mouth and also lines on the legs to show toes – just little details.
  8. Take the hexagon shape and the marker pen, and draw around the hexagon shape to form a tortoise-shell pattern on the green shell.  These are your last details!

Your Tortoise should look something like this! WP_20160727_11_13_31_Pro


This is easy to make – you could even see if you could make the hare too by using a toilet or kitchen roll tube.  Just make some ears, draw a face, cut out a tail and some paws.  Then you could act out The Hare and The Tortoise story!

I hope you liked this week’s craft idea! Let me know if you have any ideas or comments.


Laters, Janet



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RRW Rebrand and Relaunch Announcement


RRW Blog Badge Rebrand

Hi readers,

Da Daaaahh!

It’s time for the Rebrand and Re-launch Announcement! 

Finally, I’m posting about the all important move and rebrand – this starts on Monday with the #AnythingGoes linky.  I will post the link to the post here on that date, but don’t forget to follow/subscribe to the brand new Rambles, Rants, and Writings site!


We are now counting down to the RRW Launch! 


For the interim period, I will be posting links on this page until you get used to visiting the other one.  I’m really excited about the relaunch and rebrand, this is an exciting time!

I need you, my readers, to make the move and rebrand a success.  I couldn’t do this without your support!

Have you ever relaunched or rebranded your website? How did it go? Do you have any tips or advice for me? Do you have any tips for working with brands? Let me know what you think! 

laters, Janet


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Elemis Product and Facial Review

Elemis Bag Image

Hi readers,

When I was on holiday recently, I had an Elemis facial.  It was fantastic and as it was Elemis’s anniversary they had great promotions!

I got the money I had spent on the facial back to spend on Elemis products.

First of all, I rarely spend money on myself so this was my treat on holiday.  My Mum kindly paid for this for me.  I have terrible skin and often flare out in scabby spots, especially when stressed out (which is most of the time, lol).  My skin is greasy and if I put make-up on at the start of the day, it seems to have melted off by early evening.  It frustrates me because I never know what to put on my face as I never get the right products.

I moaned about this to the beautician!

She was really helpful, I mean that’s her job and it’s a subject she knows about – she’s an expert in that area and I was happy to listen to her advice.

She started off with a face cleanser that felt amazing and told me that the lavender products would be good for my skin because lavender was good for healing – hence my spotty/scabby breakouts.  She used a lavender facial scrub and a lavender toner on my face and neck.

Grease wise, she recommended a balancing face moisturiser.  You could get the day cream and the night cream, but I just bought the day cream because I couldn’t afford everything.

Elemis cream and toner imageI decided to buy 3 Elemis products: 2 based on her advice.
Based on the facial I bought the lavender toner and the hydra balancing day moisturiser cream.

Elemis Refreshing Gel and free items


I also bought the instant refresher gel.  I had tried this in the spa as they were doing an Elemis demonstration session when I had my spa morning and it helped with aches and pains.  I suffer from aches and pains occasionally in my calves, back and hips so I thought this would be useful.

I was gutted because the facial really made a difference to my face and skin, and I really wanted to buy everything. Realistically I couldn’t afford it but I’ve promised myself that if I possibly can, I will buy myself a product per month from Ebay.  I think I will start with the lavender facial scrub!

When I got to the counter to pay, my facial money was deducted but I had still spent around £48.  I have never spent so much in my life!  As I had bought 3 products, there was a further promotion and I received a free gift bag with samples in.  I got the facial cleanser (this was on my recommendation list and is really awesome), a bath soak, body oil (I had tried this in the spa too – another fabulous product), and the marine procollagen day cream all in a very smart, small, Elemis wash-bag.  I was thrilled!

Beauty isn’t important in my life and I’ll be honest, money is tight.  Over the last three weeks, I have been using Elemis products and they have made such a difference to my skin.  I could only afford these items because I was on holiday but I just feel that I’m now 32, I rarely go out and drink, I rarely get to the cinema, in fact, I rarely spend anything on myself so if this is how I want to treat myself, then that’s what I should do.

Providing I’m feeding my children and paying my bills, I think I deserve to spend a little on me to improve my skin.  Sometimes as a parent, you spend so much time looking after everyone else and you neglect yourself.  You only use a small amount of product so they are going to last me a long time, so I am going to continue using them if I can.  If the products last a long time then it will work out cost-effective because I will stop buying products that don’t agree with me which means I will stop wasting money.

If anyone told me before my holiday that I would be writing about a quality product such as Elemis I would have laughed and said ‘yeah, right!’  After having the opportunity to use the products, I must admit I’m completely sold.  That was the first time I’d used them because I never visit beauty salons and pamper myself and as Elemis is exclusive, it’s the only place you can buy their products over the shelves.  I honestly think that now I’ve experienced something that works so well with my skin, there is no going back!

Have you ever used Elemis products? What do you think of them? Do you have a favourite product? Is there any product you don’t like? Let me know what you think! 


Laters, Janet 🙂


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Pokemon Go – Positives and Negatives



Hi Readers,

This post was going to just discuss the benefits of Pokemon Go, however, I wanted to give a more rounded and honest opinion and when I started writing, I realised that in order to do so, I needed to discuss the drawbacks too!

It was my son’s birthday a couple of weeks ago.  He hadn’t asked for anything, bless him.  He finally decided that he wanted to buy a phone and get Pokemon Go.  I had heard of it, but I didn’t really know much about it and I hadn’t heard anything negative about it at all!

He’s only 9 and I didn’t really want him to have a phone but I thought about it and my husband and I decided that it was his money, and it was better than ending up with toys he didn’t want.  He has a kindle and he likes watching ‘how to’ videos on Youtube and playing the odd game so we said yes.  He had £130 in total and he bought a suitable phone with a £10 top-up, a Manchester United 2016-17 top, and a premiership ball.

I allowed the download of Pokemon Go!  

I told my Mum he had bought a phone for that purpose and she started saying that Pokemon Go is dangerous, that there are a lot of complaints about it, and that it’s trouble.  I had only ever read positives about people walking more to hunt them so I didn’t really understand.

After catching up with my local newspaper, I found that an area close to where I live was a Pokemon hotspot.  Lots of people had been going to the area and had become anti-social – for example, urinating against a church wall because businesses would not let them use the toilet unless they were buying something.

I read other stories that suggested Pokemon Go was distracting people.  They were using it when driving or walking and it was hazardous as accidents were almost caused.

Obviously, the points are negatives of the game, I don’t dispute that, however, I believe that the person needs to take responsibility for their action.

Can we just clarify something? Pokemon Go did not tell someone to pee up the church wall! Pokemon Go did not make someone walk out in front of your car, and Pokemon Go did not make the person play the game whilst driving.  After 2 weeks of both my son and daughter having Pokemon Go, I can assure you that the game is free from mind-control and it doesn’t make anyone do anything!  It’s the players have to accept responsibility for playing the game, especially the adults – have you ever heard of responsible gaming?  This exists in light of all video games in my world?  Maybe I’ve missed something here? Maybe Pokemon Go has brainwashed me even though I’ve never played myself!


Now we’ve discussed that (I updated my Mum on my opinion of course) I would like to discuss the positives of the game along with a couple of negatives as it is by no means, perfect.

Firstly, the main positive is that my children(this doesn’t include my four-year-old) are happy to walk further.  They now want to walk to the marina, to the shopping centre, to the supermarket, and they are even happy to walk the dog. The Pokestops and Gyms are usually public buildings, one being a museum.  Our museum is free so we walked to the museum and had a lovely trip out plus all of the children were happy.

A negative here is that one of the pokestops is in an inaccessible mosque.  The mosque grounds are locked by gates and it’s a very private place and it’s a place of worship so I don’t think this is very suitable.  Not far from that, a church is a gym, but as the church isn’t in its own grounds you don’t have to actually enter, just walk past.  I would never let my children disturb anyone’s place of worship so you do have to set some ground rules for your children.

I have warned my children of the dangers of becoming distracted so they aren’t allowed to go out Pokemon hunting without us – I only really let them in the garden anyway so this wasn’t too bad.  I’ve also reminded them that we have to show respect, so if a pokestop or gym is in an unsuitable place, then we leave that one and find another.  There are plenty at statues, parks, and monuments in the area so that isn’t a problem.

Another positive is that you hatch your eggs by walking so the more you walk, the more likely you are to hatch your egg.  I really love the idea that this game gets you out of the house and walking.  There are too many lazy-type of video games and I’m actually strict at how long my children spend gaming.  Luckily they are all sporty and enjoy the great outdoors!

Another negative is the data/internet used whilst you’re out and about – oh yes it costs you money.  Also, you only get a few pokeballs to capture your Pokemon so on occasions you may need to spend money. I suppose this is becoming a common occurrence in gaming now but it’s a negative for me in relation to any game!

So, what do I think?

I think it’s an innovative, interactive game that encourages adults and children to go for a walk.  I do, however, feel that it’s important to take part in responsible gaming.  If all goes well, then you are teaching yourself or your children respect and responsibility which can also be a good thing, but as usual, it’s those that don’t game responsibly that spoil it for others.  In the particular area I referred to, a bad reputation has begun in relation to the game, but it’s the gamers fault rather than the game itself.  I really do like the idea of the game: it’s so clever and certainly represents how technology is developing.  It could be something to do as a family too!  I haven’t played myself but I do take an interest in how the game works and how my children play it.


My children have calmed down with it now – they don’t bug to go on walks as much but that’s mainly due to the weather.  If we go somewhere, they take their phones and we all get involved in a safe, respectful way!

Obviously, I can’t have too much of an opinion of the game itself as I have never played but I do have an idea of how it works.

Let me know what you think!

Have you or your children played Pokemon Go? If so, what do you think?  Have you heard anything positive or negative? Are you amazed by the developments in technology?

Laters, Janet


My Random Musings
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